CentersLab Care and innovation for every client.

We are rethinking the relationship between healthcare providers
and medical laboratories.

Get Your Dedicated Rep

Centered on YouA personal lab expert dedicated to your account.

  • Facility housecalls
    by our skilled phlebotomists.

  • Warm, caring, multilingual
    support staff.

  • Stringent, tech-forward
    QA and QC.

  • Customized per-facility

  • 24/7 web portal
    for anywhere access.

  • 24/7 automated
    voice response line.

  • Same-day results
    on most tests.

  • Unified digital
    reporting platform.

Services designed for healthcare providers.

Testing and services that lead to results.

Mobile lab units. An SSoT charting approach. In-house medical director. And so much more. When you partner with us, you plug into the ultimate system for seamless practice/facility integration.

Testing and services that lead to results.
Information that’s live
            as soon as it’s alive.

Information that’s live
as soon as it’s alive.

Never wait for results again. Our promise is to position our lab at
the center of your facility, with data that flows instantly from our points
of intake to your points of output, enabling real-time care.

Information that’s live
            as soon as it’s alive.

Leading-edge automation,
with a warm human heart.

It’s all you want in a diagnostics partner: We empower our people to do
what they do best, yet keep pushing forward with next-generation
technology. This fusion of mind and machine is the future of the lab.


What’s in our name?Centers through and through.

The Centers name invites higher expectations. It’s a reminder that nothing but the best in service and clinical outcomes will satisfy us. CentersLab is true to that ideal, demanding that we live up to it for ourselves, our partners, and those in our mutual care.

What’s in our name

Our teamDedicated to our core.

Gregory S. Henderson, MD, PhDMedical Director

Dr. Henderson has been a practicing pathologist and a senior healthcare executive and consultant over his 25-year career. He specializes in laboratory medicine, immunology, breast, gynecologic, and pulmonary pathology. He has been Medical Director of Centers Laboratory since October, 2019.

He graduated from Tulane University with an undergraduate degree. As a fellow of the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program, he earned both a medical degree and a doctoral degree from Vanderbilt University. His residency training was at the University of Utah/ARUP Laboratories and at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and his fellowship training was at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He has served in the executive roles of President of BioReference Laboratories (Elmwood Park, NJ), Vice President of Laboratory Outreach at Mount Sinai Health Network (New York, NY), and System Director of Anatomic Pathology at the Ochsner Health Network (New Orleans, LA). He was a senior partner at Wilmington Pathology Associates (Wilmington, NC), and the founder of Pacific Pathology Partners (Seattle, WA). In the field of Digital Pathology, he is internationally recognized as an innovator. He led the first successful effort to organize a group of US pathologists to provide volunteer diagnostic services to thousands of patients in Haiti using a cloud-based digital pathology platform.

Joseph Sklarz

Joseph SklarzDirector of Pre-Analytics

An experienced healthcare veteran, Joseph is dedicated to contributing to the forward-thinking atmosphere of Centers Lab. He leads our team to victory through active mentorship, continuing education, and data-backed strategic planning.

Joseph Sklarz

Yitzy GrinspanVice President of Long Term Care

Yitzy has been a guidepost of the Centers Lab mission since its inception, laying the groundwork for its very birth with 25 years of foundational partnerships with its leaders. He is dedicated to ensuring that each Centers client gets the outstanding care they deserve.

Joseph Sklarz

Ankita RanaImmuno-Chemistry Supervisor

Fueled by a passion for healthcare diagnostics, Ankita throws herself into every workday with a zeal that goes far beyond the bare minimum. Her integral contributions to our daily operations enhance the accuracy, reliability, efficiency, and quality of every outcome.

Joseph Sklarz

Gloribell MorilloDirector of Technical Operations

A born leader, mentor, and professional, Gloribell is dedicated to creating a client-oriented, collaborative environment that encourages our team to do their consistent best. Her innovative strategies are consistently pushing us to improve in every way.

Joseph Sklarz

Joel KaplanGeneral Manager

From an early age, Joel has dreamed of a career that could directly impact the lives of others—for the better. Today, he helps maintain the standard of superior quality care for every Centers Lab client, while encouraging collaboration with the entire team.

The CentersLab Difference

A 1:1 relationship.

A 1:1 relationship.

We play a personal, local role to each facility
we serve. You get a dedicated lab expert who is
always one call away.

A 1:1 relationship.

All-volume capable.

Our advanced technologies enable us to run
enormous quantities and varieties of tests
with accuracy and speed.

A 1:1 relationship.

Ready to integrate.

From specimen collection and transport
to processing and result delivery, we
make it as easy as plug and play.