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Finally, all lab data flows through one major artery

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Up to the second, the second it’s up

Centers Laboratory brings an individual, peer-to-peer focus to each facility we serve. Making that possible is SmartChart, the data platform that keeps all care players on the same page, at the same time:

Single source
of truth (SSoT)

There are no two datasets to chase and reconcile. Instead, our deeply integrated system maintains all lab data fused to your patient profiles in one unified database, so everyone’s looking at the same thing in real time.

Closed information

Thanks to automated alerts and multiple internal quality checks, the flow of information is always kept complete—across your facility, our laboratory, and our tablet-carrying phlebotomists.

Real time,
all the time

Log in anytime or use our automated voice response system for always-on data. Updates on our end are also directly reflected in your charts, so you’re the first with the latest piece of the information.