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We improve client experience with advanced clinical capabilities and the latest technologies

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From care

Centers Lab leadership and team bring deep expertise across diverse healthcare fields.

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For care

From facilities to processes, every component of our lab ecosystem supports better care.

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With care

Rediscover the human factor, the personal touch, and the direct access of times gone by.

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Person first,
patient second

Every sample run through our lab is seen as an individual person: a parent, spouse, child, sibling or friend who deserves the highest level of care and respect.


Teamwork that
gets it done

Our team uses cutting-edge analyzers and software for direct chart integration, resulting in fast documentation, auto updates, and expedited results.


above all

Our coordinated medical team includes a full-time, in-house medical director. The medical director supervises the team to ensure quality, precision and accuracy—so you can always depend on our results.


A Centers Health Care Company

Part of the family

Centers Laboratory draws on the vertical integration and unparalleled expertise of a true healthcare ecosystem

Suits your workflow

We know what it takes to provide your facility a seamless, informed experience—without retraining your staff

Helps you Get stronger™

Beyond providing services, Centers Laboratory is your partner in health, contributing to your entire care stack

The bloodline between patient and provider

Medical laboratories are much more than a contractor: From the skill and sensitivity with which they treat your patient to the precision with which they track results, they assume the entire care burden. We recognize that responsibility, and are committed to elevating your care model with a personal touch + reliability that takes the sting out of testing.